Insurance Policies

At Frankel & Associates, we leverage our industry experience and professional connections to help you find the insurance coverage you’re looking for. With our access to local and nationwide insurance providers, we are able to guide you to the most comprehensive and budget-friendly insurance policies to meet your needs.

Business Insurance

Whether you’ve been in business for years or you’re just getting started, we make it simple for you to get the insurance coverage you need without breaking the bank. We offer commercial insurance for retail stores, apartments, property management companies, contractors, manufacturers and many other businesses. Our business insurance offerings also include general liability, errors & omissions, and worker’s compensation coverage.Learn More »

Professional Liability

If you belong to a group of professionals, such as engineers, consultants, architects, nurses or property managers, you may need professional liability insurance! Professional liability coverage is an important line of defense against claims of negligence or failure to perform your professional obligation. Professional liability coverage is important for anyone at risk for claims of professional negligence or breach of contract.Learn More »

Entertainment Insurance

From concerts to blockbuster features, our entertainment division can provide you with the coverage you need for your rental needs, venue requirements, film permits etc. We have worked with hundreds of producers, filmmakers, artists, and promoter to help them find the appropriate insurance programs for their productions.Learn More »

Personal Lines

At Frankel & Associates, we know that finding the right personal coverage can be difficult. It’s hard to find the time to sort through all the competitors, and even then, you may not find exactly what you’re looking for. Choosing the right policy doesn’t have to be a hassle!  Whether you need coverage for your personal vehicle, your condo or your home, Frankel & Associates has the right program for you. We take pride in providing you with the coverage to protect your health, your property and the wellbeing of your family.Learn More »

LegalShield Pre-Paid Legal Services

Are you looking for ongoing legal services without having to hire an inhouse attorney? LegalShield services could be perfect for you! Operating like any other insurance policy, you pay a monthly fee for the security of accessible, full-service legal support. Get ready to learn about a service that could save you time, money, and provide you with legal consultation, as well as contract and document review.Learn More »
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