Employment Practices & Liability Insurance

When it comes to protecting your business, there seems to be no end to insurance policy options. Businesses have a responsibility to provide a safe and non-discriminatory environment for all employees. Unfortunately, in some cases disputes may arise that lead to litigation. Employment practices and liability insurance is a critical protection that provides coverage for claims of wrongful termination, harassment, and other employment issues.

What does employment practices and liability insurance cover?

Employment practices and liability insurance protects your business from claims and litigation related to discrimination or other illegal practices. While most disputes can be resolved without litigation, in some cases, claims of wrongdoing can escalate to a lawsuit. Small to medium sized businesses are particularly vulnerable because they are unlikely to retain to an in house legal counsel.

The truth is there is no set list of coverages with employment practices and liability because most policies are written on a case by case basis. However, many policies cover incidents of defamation, failure to promote, sexual harassment and retaliation. Some business can purchase employment practices and liability insurance as a standalone policy, while others may consider an add-on for your business owners policy.

Like workers compensation, employment practices and liability coverage is important, even for businesses that are just starting out. Businesses are vulnerable to discrimination claims from the moment a potential employee comes in for an interview. To reduce your risk of filing a claim, it’s important to understand both state and federal regulations.

Why do I need an employment practices and liability broker?

Whatever industry you’re in, working with an employment practices and liability broker will help you ensure that you’ve selected the best coverage for your unique needs and risks. At Frankel & Associates, we evaluate possible policies based on a variety of factors such as premium costs, employment conduct guidelines, prior lawsuits, business size and the providers previous claims response history. As a result, you’re able to save time and money by considering only plans that meet your requirements!

Selecting an employment practices and liability policy as an individual can be extremely time consuming and confusing. Obtaining accurate quotes requires speaking with providers directly, as well as providing dozens of details, only to receive a confusing term sheets and frequent follow-ups. When you work with an employment practices and liability broker, we evaluate your needs first. Every business is different, and the brokers at Frankel & Associates get to know yours before presenting you with policy options. Our focus is obtaining the best coverage for the right price, not upselling an expensive package. With our exceptional customer service, finding an employment practices and liability policy has never been easier!

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