Commercial Earthquake Insurance

Earthquake insurance cannot prevent natural disasters, but it can protect you and your business in the event of the unexpected. A severe earthquake can easily disrupt your operations, slow your income and even cause extensive damage to your property. To secure protection from earthquakes, businesses will need to take out a separate commercial earthquake insurance policy. Earthquakes are not covered by standard business owner policies. As a result, it may be necessary to consult with a commercial earthquake insurance broker to augment your existing structural and content coverage.

What does commercial earthquake insurance cover?

Every year, California experiences over 10,000 earthquakes of various sizes and severities. Commercial earthquake insurance provides financial protection for your business following these destructive events. After the deductible is met, commercial earthquake insurance can help cover things like structural damage, lost inventory and lost wages. If you don’t have a specific earthquake insurance endorsement, your business owners policy provider is not required to cover damage originating from an earthquake.

The cost of earthquake insurance will vary depending on the specifics of your office and how prepared the property is in the event of an incident. It’s important to be realistic about the replacement value of your office and the coverage you would require in the event of a total loss. If you cannot afford to rebuild your business with money out of pocket, a low-cost policy could provide peace of mind. Typically, small businesses are the most tempted to forgo earthquake insurance due to the high premiums. Unfortunately, they are also the most likely to suffer a complete loss without the ability to pay for repairs.

To secure the most comprehensive protection, you’ll need to have both earthquake insurance and a business owner’s policy. Earthquakes often lead to other accidents, such as flooding or fire. Without both policies in place, you may find yourself forced to make up the difference in repair costs.


Why do I need a commercial earthquake insurance broker?

Working with an earthquake insurance broker will help you ensure that you’ve selected the best policy for your needs and your business. At Frankel & Associates, we’ll partner with you to help assess your unique risks. Next, we evaluate possible policies based on a variety of factors such as premium costs, earthquake readiness of your property, business size and the providers previous claims response history. As a result, you’re able to save time and money by considering only plans that meet your requirements!

Selecting a commercial earthquake insurance policy can be extremely time consuming and confusing. Obtaining accurate quotes requires speaking with providers directly, as well as providing dozens of business details, only to receive a confusing term sheets and frequent follow-ups. When you work with a commercial earthquake insurance broker, we evaluate your needs first. Every business is different, and the brokers at Frankel & Associates get to know yours before presenting you with policy options. Our focus is obtaining the best coverage for the right price, not upselling an expensive package. With our exceptional customer service, finding earthquake insurance has never been easier!

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