Entertainment Lines – Vendor/Exhibitor Application Selection

For vendor/exhibitors, we have multiple programs.
The easiest is our automated application, payment and certificate issuing program.

If you meet the following conditions:

Vendor/Exhibitor Booths can NOT contain any of the following:
Aircraft, all acts of terrorism, asbestos liability, claims made by athletic participants, employment-related practices, fungi and bacteria, hepatitis, HIV, HTVL, AIDS, transmissible spongiform encephalopathy, lead poisoning, nuclear energy liability, pyrotechnics activity, total pollution, violation of the CAN-SPAM act, war liability and liability for occurrences prior to the effective date of coverage. All of the above are subject to the terms and conditions of the policy.

AND the type of booth can NOT be any of the following:
Body piercing or tattooing, Catering Companies, Christmas tree retail lots, Corn or Hay maze, Disc-Jockeys for events over 200 attendees, E-commerce selling, Entertainment and Film Industry Vendors, Fireworks sales & displays, Haunted attractions, Hot wax impressions, Live animals, Live Bands, Massage, Mechanical or inflatable amusement devices, Medical testing, Motor sports activities, Nutritional/health supplements, On-site installation/service/repair of products, On-site equipment rental, Oxygen/aromatherapy, Storefront operations, Time share sales, Tobacco products, Vehicles in motion, Watercraft exhibits on water, Weapon sales, Weight-loss plans or products, Wholesale business

Please select which program you would like to use:

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